Tattoo Artists

Béla Burony

Wellcome! My name is Bela Burony the owner of Shadow Tattoo. I am tattooing for 20 years now and before that I started with painting, drawing. I always lived for the arts and artistic creations. Usually I feel myself confortable in every style but my favourites are fantasy painting-like, futuristic, biomechanical, historical, portre, and hungarian subject tattoos. I'm also doing coverings for old tattos and design entire personal ones!


Hi! My name is Ervin Szabó, and I'm doing tattoos since 2010. I'm always interester in draw, drawing and the beauty of arts. Befor I started to tattoo I did engraving in a hobby level. I learned the basics of tattoing from Bela Burony, who became not only my mentor, but a true fried of mine. Since 2012 my main job is in a rual tattoo studio and I'm a guest tattoo artist in Shadow Tattoo. My favourite is photo realistic and dark demonic compositions. I also love nationalist and historical ones. From 2014 I'm broaden my knowledge with the scar tattooing skill. My guests are want flawless treating and I'm always 110% percent sure that they get it. Take a look at my works and feel free to ask questions!



Hi my name is Márk and I'm into tattoing from 2 years now. My favourite is tribal and maori tattoos, there are which I feel the most confortable width, but I can make any kind of tattoos and special requests.


Az ember azt gondolná, mi sem egyszerűbb egy bemutatkozásnál... gyorsan ledarálni, hogy ki vagyok, mikor születtem, meg, hogy mióta dolgozom tetoválóként... és így tovább. Engem az elején nem érdekel, hogy ki vagy, hogy a társadalom melyik rétegéből jöttél, de mélyen tisztelem Benned, hogy fel mered vállalni, ki is vagy valójában. A munkám, s egyben a hivatásom szempontjából csak az számít, hogy ha megbízol bennem, és megengeded, hogy nyomot hagyjak Rajtad, azt életed végégig büszkén viseld... Megtörténhet, hogy a nevedet elfelejtem... de mindig emlékezni fogok Rád, mert megjelöltelek...

Our Salon

You will always find a good atmosphere in our extended and renewed salon. We are able to deal with 4 clients at the same time and in case of little brought sample the immediate tattooing is also possible.

Come and visit us sometimes!

phone: 0620-976-8732

I established Shadow Tattoo in 2005 based on ten years prework. since than we operate steady with little locomotions. I'm also member of the Hungarian Tattoo Association. We invited and appear in many international Convencion year by year, and we are really proud of it.



1074. Budapest, Dohány utca 94.

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